Alice Branton – Defining Self-esteem

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Alice Branton – Defining Self-esteem

Alice Branton says that self-esteem is a temperament that an individual has which signifies their decisions of their own excellence. Alice Branton says that a general emotional assessment of his or her own value. It is a decision of oneself as well as an approach toward the identity.

According to Alice Branton the self-esteem includes and emotions such as victory, hopelessness, self-importance and embarrassment. Alice Branton says that self-esteem is the positive or negative assessments of the self, as in how we feel about ourselves. According to Alice Branton, self-esteem is also known as the evaluative element of the self that includes outlooks of value, prides and opposition. Alice Branton says that a person’s self-esteem is also closely related with self-consciousness.

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